Flora Fuji Apartment

Project: Flora Fuji Apartment

Project owner: Nam Long Group

Location: District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

Land area (sqm): 5600

Gross floor area (sqm): 106,400

Height: 19 stories

Year: 2017

In order to promote the economical and efficient use of energy in the construction and development of green building, the Department of Science, Technology and Environment (Ministry of Construction) proposes to develop and promulgate specific incentive policies for energy saving and efficient buildings, certified green buildings.

Flora Fuji apartment of Nam Long investor in HCMC is an example of the typical green buildings. With a solution of reducing the window-towall ratio; the use of external sun shading, reflective paints for walls and roofs, insulation of walls and roofs, high heat index glass, energy saving lights,...the building reduced 22.96% of energy costs. Low-flow showerheads, low hose faucets, low-flow kitchen faucets, and two-way flush toilets,... decreased 28.63% of water costs. Ceiling and concrete flooring, walls and dividing walls made of compressed gas concrete blocks contribute to a decrease of 24.1% of the materials use.

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