Thu Thiem Sky Apartment

Project: Thu Thiem Sky Apartment

Project owner: Thu Thiem JSC

Location: District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Land area (sqm): 4,166

Gross floor area (sqm): 23,478

Height: 21 stories

Year: 2009

Thu Thiem sky apartment is new housing for low- and middle-income people but still ensure the quality of life by creating a “green and civilized” habitat, a friendly, comfortable, forward-looking, and sustainable environment.

We try to build a friendly and convenient living space created by the “open” architecture and the utilities of each person’s apartment.

The social housing project in Thao Dien ward consists of two 20-story blocks, the layout creates beautiful views of the building from any place in the area and surroundings.

Two blocks are connected to each other at the bridges on the 4th, 8th and 12th floors, through common gardens (4th and 8th) and café space (12th) to serve the needs of relaxation and entertainment for all residents. All 3 floors have views of the Saigon River. This is considered the highlight for the complex and is the core to create an apartment complex with a green environment and friendly community. These factors form ideal conditions for residents with stable and medium incomes.

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