Project : VSIP Hai Phong Residential area phase 1 and 2

Project owner: Nam Long Group

Location: Thuy Nguyen, Hai Phong City

Land area (ha): 21

Year: 2019

Nam Long Hai Phong project is located in a prime location in the VSIP Hai Phong industrial zone, Thuy Nguyen province with a total area of ​​21ha including 850 Valora luxury villas and 2,200 Ehomes apartments. Nam Long Hai Phong urban area is the first project of Nam Long Group’s approach to the north market of the country.

  • The project is a system of dwellings consisting of various types of houses and amenities, each with a main function: commercial - service, apartment for young couples or 3 generation families.
  • The design complies with Vietnamese Regulations on designing civil buildings and other Safety regulations.
  • Exterior finishing materials are environmentally friendly, modern, aesthetic, and harmonized: glass, aluminum frame, composite wood, and granite, ensuring the quality and sustainability of the buildings.
  • There are many house types with different designs and arrangements, diverse selections for residents as well as architectural models for the city.
  • Homogeneous facade design along the urban axes to create beautiful landscapes along the route.
  • Masterplan designed landscape and harmonized complex, paying attention to details in design for gardens, road pavement, yard pavement, road lighting, ensuring aesthetics and added value to the project.
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