Trần Thị Diệu Hiền

Marketing Manager

Taking on the role of marketing manager, participating in building the data system, website, template, profile,.. creating the company's image and brand.

Experience: 10 years

2018 - Present: ARDOR Architects, Marketing Manager

  • Participate in planning marketing strategies
  • Organize and participate in seminars
  • Exchange, connect and find strategic partners for brand development
  • Organize events.
  • Prepare quarterly and annual recruitment plan
  • Finding and connecting with strategic partners to expand the brand

2013 – 2018: Secrectory

  • Implement and arange resonable storage of incoming/ outgoing documents, in accordance with regualtions on dispatch, security and lookup utilities.
  • Prepare the documents, dispatches and directives,.. at the request of the design department
  • Record of Design department meetings
  • Sign a record, copy the dispatches, certificates, administrative documents within the scope of assigned work
  • Monitor and remind the schedule of work, briefings, meetings, periodic and unusual activities of the Design department
  • Plan, track and remind teams to make progress
  • Receiving and recording all informations and opinions of customers/ investors or related parties; communicate content to Design Managers or Team Leader for requirement
  • Monitor, remind and update project legal documents in accordance with the progress
  • Manage and update library information.
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