Top 10 Architecture Companies in Vietnam

Organizer:BCI ASIA Group
Award:Topten VN

Architecture Concept Design

Project: Van Lang University
Location:Go Vap
Organizer:Van Lang University
Award:First Place

Architecture Concept Design

Project: BIDV Ba Ria Vung Tau Tower
Project type:Complex
Location:Ninh Binh City
Land Area (sqm):33,820
Floor Area (sqm):27,050
Organization:Nam Ninh Company
Award:Second Place

Architecture Concept Design

Project: Nam Ninh Hotel
Project type: Hotel
Địa điểm: Q1, TPHCM
Organizer: Nam Ninh Company
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Architecture Concept Design

Project: Duc Khai Office Building
Project Type: Office Building
Location: District 5
Land Area (sqm): 875
Floor Area (sqm): 9,056
Organizer: Duc Khai Company
Award: First Place

Architecture Concept Design

Project: City Planning Exhibition Center
Project Type:Exhibition Center
Location:Exhibition District 2
Floors:5 + 2 basement
Land Area (ha):5.99
Floor Area (sqm):18.307.20
Organization:Department of Construction
Award:First Place

Architecture Concept Design

Project:  BIDV Danang Tower
Project Type:Office Building
Location:Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
Floors:15+2 basements
Land Area (sqm):1,887
Floor Area (sqm):16,027
Organizer:BIDV Bank
Award:First Place

Architecture Concept Design

Project: 1&2 Apartment- in Office Building - Commercial - Hotel and Apatment Complex
Location:District 5, HCMC
Floors:3 blocks, 33 floors + 03 basement floors
Land Area (sqm):4,029
Floor Area (sqm):165,338.8
Organizer:Saigon ViNa Real Estate JSC
Award:First Place
 The selected Design

Architecture Concept Design

Project: Indira Gandhi Complex Area
Project Type:Complex
Location:Thu Duc District
Floors:17- 20
Land Area (ha):4
Floor Area (sqm):124,627
Organizer:Indira Gandhi Company 
Award:First Place

Go Gang Island Planning

Project: Go Gang Island
Project Type:Island Planning
Location:Vung Tau City, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province
Land Area (ha):1,350
Organizer:Vung Tau City Construction Department
Award:Third Place

Architectural Design

Project: CNS Plaza
Project:Office Building
Location:District 3, HCMC
Floors:14 + 2 basements
Land Area (sqm):1,729
Floor Area (sqm):13,800
Organizer:Sai Gon Dong Duong Real Estate JSC,Sai Gon Electric Company
Award:Third Place

Top 10 Leading companies in Vietnamese Architecture

Organizer:BCI ASIA Group

Top 10 Leading companies in Vietnamese Architecture

ARDOR is honor to be choosen as One of the Top 10 Leading companies in Vietnamese Architecture - BCI Asia Top 10. This noble award not only represents a professional brand of Architecture Consulting, but also shows the trust and support of customers and investors over the years

Design Plan Competition

Project:  An Dong Tower
Project Type:Office Building
Location:51 – 53 An Duong Vuong, Ward 8, District 5, HCMC
Land Area(sqm):2,437
Floor Area(sqm):22,787
Organizer:An Dong Investment Group - LIKSIN
Award:Second Place (Highest Prize in Design Plan)

Design Plan Competition

Project:  Municipal Office
Project type:Office Building
Location:58 Truong Dinh, District 3
Land Area (sqm):2,208.50
Floor Area (sqm):6,625.50
Organizer:HCMC Municipal
Award:Second Place (Highest Award)

International Technical Design Competition

Project:  INTRESCO Plaza
Project Type:Complex
Location:Ly Chinh Thang, District 3, HCMC
Land Area (m2):6,582.00
Floor Area (m2):65,571.00
Organizer:Bussiness Investment Jointstock Company INTRESCO and HCMC Department of Architecture Planning
Award:Second Place ( Highest Award)

Design Plan Competition

Project: Head Office of Telecommunication Corporation region II - VNPT 
Project type:Office Building
Location:Lot A8, Area C30, Ward 6, Tan Binh District, HCMC
Land Area (sqm):3,076
Floor Area (sqm):52,963
Organizer:Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group VNPT
Award:Third Place

Social Housing ( The First)

Project: Dong Tang Long Residential
Project Type:Apartment
Location:District 9, HCMC
Floors :12
Land Area (sqm):9,640
Floor Area (sqm):88,973
Organizer:Architecture Magazine and Prime Group
Award:Third Place

Viet Nam Architecture Award

Project: Phuc Thinh Apartment
Building type:Apartment
Location:341 Cao Dat, District 5, HCMC
Floors:25 + 1 Basement
Land area(sqm):3,447
Floor area (sqm):41,237
Organizer:Ministry of Culture and Information and Associaton of Vietnamese Architecs
Award:Third Place

Design a Typical Apartment (The 2nd)

Project: Phuc Thinh Apartment
Project type:Apartment
Location:Binh Tan
Organizer:People's Committee and Ho Chi Minh City Department of Construction
Award:Second Place (Highest Award)

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