Intresco Plaza

Project: Intresco Plaza

Project owner: Intresco Investment Real Estate  JSC

Location: District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Land area (sqm): 6,582

Gross floor area (sqm): 77,765

Height: 25 stories

Year: 2009

Intresco Plaza is symbol for a young and dynamic city, ready to intergrate with the world. The building layout takes the shape of a simple ellipse, represents a boat sailing to the ocean with the prow pointing to the main streets for investment attraction.

The design maximizes views to outside, forming humanity spaces for the building as the lobby open to public and the double height hall of the apartment section.

The design method highlights the contrast between high and low, solid and emptiness, transparent and opaque to deliver unique impression and special aesthetic feeling for the project. “The boat prow pointing to the main streets acquiring investment“ is the symbol of a leading, pioneering Intresco company in the investment and building market in Viet Nam, is also a symbol of a young but dynamic city intergrating with the world.

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