BIDV Da Nang Tower

Project: BIDV Da Nang Tower

Project owner: BIDV Commercial Bank

Location: Hai Chau, Da Nang

Land area (sqm):  1887.3

Gross floor area (sqm): 25,710

Height: 19 stories

Year: 2023

With a strategic location in Da Nang, the project is designed with the goal of becoming the main office headquarters for the Central region of BIDV. The building consists of 4 basements and 19 floors of offices, bringing a modern architectural shape, consistent with the brand identity of the corporation. The facade of the building is curved on both sides, both in line with BIDV's new brand identity, and at the same time create an aesthetic appeal, suitable for the area's location.

The optimally calculated window ratio, together with the low-e glass door system, and energy-saving solutions, will help improve the operational efficiency of the building. The green spaces are arranged on most of the floors and on the roof, with openings for ventilation, providing friendly and airy working spaces.

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